Peace--Here, There, and Everywhere

Tonight I see that—in a nutshell—North Korea has renounced all its nonconfrontational pacts with the South and nullified the North-South maritime border on the Yellow Sea. Experts say an invasion is likely, and South Korea has responded by fortifying its border defense. Where I live, near the army base in Uijeongbu, I have noticed more military vehicles driving by lately. I’m not worried about any attacks, but should there be one, my area will probably be a bit affected as we are relatively close to both land and sea borders and have a high concentration of military personnel. Please pray for Kim Jong Il, Lee Myung Bak (SK’s president), Obama, and their ministries of defense to engage in a just, effective, and peaceful dialogue rather than compete in violent shows of military might. Please pray for the troops also, to choose love over hatred and fear, whatever the cost.

Tonight I had dinner with Osee, a fellow from the Congo who is working in Korea through a program parallel to mine. Having read of the recent massacre in the Congo, I asked if his family was safe. He said they are, but it causes him a lot of anxiety. Please remember his family—and his country—in your prayers for peace and healing.

Finally, please pray for aid and healing to flow like a river through Gaza. Pray for peace and hope to triumph over fear and despair, especially among the traumatized children. And pray for all those with blood on their hands—that’s all of us, at least indirectly—that God would show off his power to redeem the most “unlikely” of people and events.