A Day for Hope

I love those days when my mind and heart suddenly ignite with fresh ideas and hope for making helpful life changes. On days like that—er, usually nights, about the time I should be getting ready for bed—I whip out some notebook paper or pull up a new document on the computer and write down goals and changes to be effective immediately. Usually I group my hopeful ideas into a handful of categories—relational, spiritual, intellectual, financial, personal—and set out implementing them with disappointingly short-term success. But that’s OK, because little by little, those bursts of energy still manage to lead me closer to where I want to be. And the bursts themselves are refreshing to my spirit. Today is one of those days, and I want to revel in it, squeeze every last delicious drop out of it. Like most of my refreshing days, it’s a weekend, and a Sunday at that. I think that’s significant. When I want to be refreshed, psyched about what could be, and awakened to healthier, holier ways to live, I have to take a time out from my normal pace of life and seize an opportunity for newness, for re-creation.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, other than to say it’s been a good day and a good week, and I’m anticipating a tomorrow laced with newness. Highlights from the past week include a backpacking trip up and down Seorak Mountain’s highest peak (5,603 ft.) and a delicious feast at the neighbors’ house last night. I’ll leave you with a few pics that do neither event justice. Have a good one!