About Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson was born in Clarksburg, WV toward the end of the 1900s, a typical firstborn in a line of 3 daughters. Her favorite childhood pasttimes were playing school, making booby traps, and reading. Teaching won out as the career goal, and now she’s off to the races! Sarah also prefers to speak in first person…

There you have it. I moved around a lot growing up and eventually learned to accept the diversity of peoples and places we came to know as gifts to be appreciated with delight. Change is hard but it gives us so much opportunity for growth and rich experiences. Well, between living 8 years in Illinois and going to Goshen College for 4 years in Indiana, I gravitated back to the mountains in the summer. In fact, the last 3 summers I worked in Harlan, KY with a program called SWAP (Sharing With Appalachian People). It was actually through SWAP that I heard about SALT (Serving and Learning Together), the program with which I will be teaching in Korea. It is amazing the way God uses simple conversations to jumpstart extraordinary experiences on our journey.

I have always enjoyed traveling and learning languages, and from the time I was able, my favorite part of playing school was diagramming sentences… so I guess you could say this job fits the bill. Not to mention, I’ve been interested in Korea for a very long while, thanks to the university student we “hosted” from there more than 10 years ago. Well, enough about me… tell me about you?


Sarangbang Church
Sarah Wilson
348 Murimri
Soheuleup, Pocheon City
Kyoung Gi Do
South Korea




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